Dr. Alvarez is Visiting Scholar (postdoctoral researcher) at the W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics. He is Researcher in Philosophy and coordinator for the research project ‘Applied Ethics: Technology and Governance of Health and Natural Resources’ at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU Programme for Applied Ethics, IFR in Trondheim, Norway.

Dr. Alvarez earned his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Bergen (2009). His dissertation Threshold Considerations: The Ethics of Healthcare Rationing in Extreme Scarcity explored the limits of rationing healthcare in extreme scarcity based on basic needs and abilities required for moral agency.

His research focus while visiting UBC is on cultural conflicts and ethics of enhancement technologies. This involves conducting online deliberative experiments with Professor Peter Danielson. A paper from this collaboration has been submitted for publication.

The earlier work of Dr. Alvarez on the place of empirical methods in bioethics is included in the 2014 Special Virtual Issue of the journal Bioethics The Role of Philosophy and Philosophers in Bioethics.

His current interests focus on the relation between cultural diversity and deliberation on controversial issues about new technologies. He also works on ethical issues related to land use especially on the moral status of future generations affected by current practices. He recently published his analysis of the place of culture-based reasons in public debates about new technologies.

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