Dr. Ho’s main research interests are in bioethics, clinical ethics, and ethics education, in both domestic and global contexts. She is currently conducting a qualitative research project on supportive and shared decision making, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and in collaboration with Ethics Services at Providence Health Care. Through interviews and focus groups with healthcare providers (HCPs), patients, and family decision makers, this multi-phase and multi-site project examines two research questions:
  1. What challenges do patients and families of various backgrounds continue to face in healthcare planning and decision making despite formal measures to promote individual autonomy?
  2. What support and resources do patients, families, and HCPs believe are, or would be, helpful to facilitate decision making processes that can truly promote and respect patients’ agency?

By exploring the macro and meso contexts for bedside decision making, this project has the following expected outcomes: 1. Achieve better understanding of decision making processes for patients of diverse backgrounds in complex healthcare situations. 2. Identify patients’, families’, and HCPs’ attitudes towards individual and system barriers and successes in promoting supportive decision making. 3. Develop supportive decision making guidelines that will facilitate complex decision making with/for diverse and vulnerable populations.

In collaboration with Providence Health Care, Dr. Ho is currently planning a research project on end-of-life care for diverse populations in the era of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD). More details to follow.