Position: Director, Privacy and Access, PHSA Research and New Initiatives; Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University; Partner at Engage Associates Consulting group.

Dr. Holly Longstaff specializes in applied ethics and policy analysis from a social science perspective and has over 10 years’ experience in this field. Holly has served as the Communications Officer for the national board of the Canadian Bioethics Society (CBS) and as the Interim Associate Director for the Office of Research Ethics at Simon Fraser University. Holly is a former board Member of both the BC and Manitoba Chapters of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) and is a current member of the International Society for Environmental Information Sciences. She is the Ethicist for the BC Cancer Research Ethics Board, a board member for Advarra IRB (US), and Director at Large for the Animals in Science Policy Institute. Holly is currently employed as the Director, Privacy and Access, PHSA Research and New Initiatives.


Holly received her doctorate from The W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics at UBC in 2009. Her graduate work in ethics and health research was supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) through their Ethics of Health Research and Policy Training Program and the CIHR Institute of Genetics. Holly has presented her research at conferences across North America and has published her work in a variety of peer-reviewed journals such as Nature Reports Stem Cells, Cell Stem Cell, Global Environmental Change, Public Understanding of Science, and Trends in Neurosciences.


Some of Holly’s clients include the Canadian Clinical Trials Coordinating Centre, Health Canada, CIHR, and the Public Health Agency of Canada. As an academic, she has worked for projects funded by the Canadian Stem Cell Network, the National Science Foundation, Infrastructure Canada, and the Climate Decision Making Centre at Carnegie Mellon University.

A list of my research projects can be found here: http://engageassociates.com/ 

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