Michael M. Burgess is Professor and Associate Provost, Strategy at the UBC Okanagan campus. He is also chair in  Biomedical Ethics at the W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics and the Department of Medical Genetics at the University of British Columbia. He was also Principal of the College for Interdisciplinary Studies until 2011.

Burgess combines ethical and social theory with social science methods related to policy in health care, health research and biotechnology. His graduate supervision has been primarily in the Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program, and his seminars typically include students with backgrounds in science, health care, health research, social science and humanities. His research has been funded by SSHRC, CIHR, Genome Canada and Genome BC, as well as NGOs and industry contracts.

Most recently Burgess’ research has focused on science and technology policy and public engagement based on theories of deliberative democracy. With Peter Danielson he is PI of the Genome Canada/Genome BC-funded “Building a GE3LS Architecture” and is a collaborator on other genome science projects in microbial genomics of forest soils (PI: W. Mohn) and military explosives (PI: L Eltis). Burgess worked Kieran O’Doherty to implement deliberative engagements on biobanks in BC, the Mayo Clinic (PI: B. Koenig) and in Western Australia. The deliberative design has also been recently been used on issues related to salmon genomics, and bioremediation of military explosive RDX.

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I am primarily interested in identifying neglected or novel perspectives on issues of culture, genetics and genomics to assure that the theoretical approaches and recommendations engage with poorly understood or disenfranchised perspectives. The focus of my interdisciplinary collaboration is to engage various “publics” in dialogue about the role of genomics and biotechnology in society, to inform policy and to sustain continued discussion on important ethical issues. The primary topics have been salmon genomics and aquaculture and biobanking. I am currently working on practical and theoretical integration of science and technology studies, non-electoral deliberative democracy, and ethics.

Research Areas


Biotechnology and ethics

Culture and Ethics

Democracy and Ethics

Ethics of Health Policy

Genetics and Ethics

Genomics and Ethics

Health Care Ethics

Public Engagement and Ethics

Research Ethics

Current Grants


2009—2013 Canadian Institutes of Health Research; Facilitating access to health data for research and planning in light of laws and ethical norms; $160,529 CDN. Principal Investigators: D Willison, K El Emam, E Gibson.
Collaborators: P. Abdelmalik, S. Anand, M. Burgess, A. Dawson, C. Emerson, V. Goel, M. Hadskis, A.
Holbrook, M. Loeb, J. Mclaughlin, P. Raina, L. Schwartz, V. Steeves

2009 – 2010 Genome British Columbia; BC Biolibrary, CIHR; CAE/BC Biolibrary Project: Guidelines, Protocols and Policies; $90,000 CDN; Principal Investigator: Michael Burgess (Co-Investigator), Kieran O’Doherty, Peter Watson

2009 – 2010 Canadian Institutes of Health Research; Institute of Infection and Immunity; $100,000 CDN; Principal Investigators: Peter Arck, Michael Burgess (Co-Investigator), Kieran O’Doherty

2009 – 2010 Genome British Columbia; Genomic studies of explosives biodegradation; $240,000CDN; Co-applicant: Michael Burgess, Kieran O’Doherty

2009 – 2010 British Columbia Cancer Agency; Fostering public trust in the BC Health Banks: Design and implementation of structured public involvement in governance of a cohort study; $ 40,000CDN; Principal Investigator: Michael Burgess (Co-Investigator), Kieran O’Doherty

Apr, 2008-Mar, 2011 Genome British Columbia; Genomic Studies of Explosives Biodegradation; C; $3508000CDN; Principal Investigator: Eltis Lindsay; Coinvestigators: Bill Mohn (Co-Principal Investigator), Stephen Hallam (Co-Principal Investigator), Michael Burgess (Co-Principal Investigator)

Apr, 2008-Mar, 2011 Genome British Columbia; Genomic approaches to microbial community monitoring in forest soil; C; $1269333CDN; Principal Investigator: Bill Mohn; Coinvestigators: Steve Hallam (Co-Principal Investigator), Michael Burgess (Co-Principal Investigator)

Oct, 2007-Sep, 2010 Canadian Institutes of Health Research; Canadian Network for the governance of ethical health research; C; $203500CDN; Principal Investigator: Michael McDonald; Coinvestigators: Michael Burgess (Co-Principal Investigator), Susan Cox (Co-Principal Investigator), Eric Meslin (Co-Principal Investigator)

Apr, 2007-Mar, 2012 Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research. BC BioLibrary: Banking for Health; C; $2500000CDN; Principal Investigator: Peter Watson; Coinvestigators: R Hegele (Co-Principal Investigator), D Huntsman (Co-Principal Investigator), I Mckenzie (Co-Principal Investigator), S Aparcio, A Junker, B Gilks, M Wilkinson, MM Burgess, J Brinkman, N Burgess, J Wilson-McManus

Apr, 2007-Jul, 2007 Canadian Institutes for Health Research, Ethics office; Deliberative Public Engagement on Biobanks; C; $10000CDN; Principal Investigator: Michael MacDonald Burgess

Feb, 2007-Jul, 2007 Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Institute of Genetics; Deliberative Public Engagement on Biobanks; C; $4000CDN; Principal Investigator: Michael MacDonald Burgess

Feb, 2006-Mar, 2010 Genome Canada and Genome BC; Building a GE3LS Architecture; C; $1900000CDN; Coinvestigators: Michael Burgess (Co-Principal Investigator), Peter Danielson (Co-Principal Investigator), Ed Levy, Daniel Weary

Feb, 2006-Mar, 2010 Genome Canada and Genome BC; Pathogenomics of Innate ; C; Coinvestigators: Robert Hancock (Co-Principal Investigator), Lorne Babiuk (Co-Principal Investigator), Michael Burgess, Janet Atkinson-Grosjean

Feb, 2006-Mar, 2010 Genome Canada and Genome BC; Comparative Genomics of the Atlantic Salmon Project; C;$15000000CDN; Coinvestigators: Willie Davidson (Co-Principal Investigator), Benjamin Koop (Co-Principal Investigator), Stig Omholt (Co-Principal Investigator), Michael Burgess, Peter Danielson

2005-2008 French Ministry of national education, teaching and research; Human population genetics and public health: multidisciplinary analysis and international comparison of normative contexts and practices; C; $63000CDN; Principal Investigator: Anne Cambon-Thomsen; Coinvestigators: Michael Burgess, A Brand

2002-2009 Canadian Institutes of Health Research; Ethics of Health Research and Policy: A Training Program; C; $1600000CDN; Principal Investigator: Michael McDonald; Coinvestigators: Francoise Baylis, Michael Burgess, Susan Cox, Janice Graham, Nuala Kinney, Susan Sherwin

2002-2004 Canadian Institutes of Health Research; Towards the Ethical Governance of Canadian Health Research Involving Humans: Principles, Policies, Practices and Outcomes; C; $70900CDN; Principal Investigator: he University of British Columbia Page 3 of 13
Curriculum Vitae of UBC CV Michael McDonald; Coinvestigators: MM Burgess, T Caulfield, , Brenda Beagan, Michael Asch, TD Kinsella, Eric Meslin

2001-2005 Genome Canada; Democracy, Ethics and Genomics; C; $1200000CDN; Principal Investigator: Michael MacDonald Burgess

Dr. Michael Burgess is currently Principal of the College for Interdisciplinary Studies and theGenetics and Ethics course (MEDG 535 / INDS 502K, Term 2) is presently being taught by Dr. Anita Ho.

The two courses, Science, Society and Ethics (INDS 530A, 005) and Ethical Analysis of Studies of Science and Society (INDS 530A 001) are not currently offered, interested students should contact Professor Burgess.

Burgess is a consultant to teams at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota (B. Koenig), and at the University of Tasmania’s Centre for Genetics and Ethics (D. Chalmers) and the Menzies Research Institute (S. Foote) on the development of deliberative events to be held in 2011. 

The Office of Population Health Genomics, Public Health Division of the Health Department of Western Australia used the approach with a stakeholder group as well as a public group, and have incorporated their assessments of the deliberations using the UBC deliberative design into their policy, “Biobanks, Genetic Research Databases & Associated Data” (2010). In Feb 2010 Burgess was an invited speaker at 2 committees of the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council:

Perspectives on Genomic Issues in Canada. Human Genetics Advisory Committee, Australia 
Designing and assessing community engagement. Gene Technology & Community Consultative Committee.


Committee Memberships at UBC


2010-University; UBC Vancouver Sustainability Initiative; Sustainability Steering Committee; Role: Member


2008-FacultyAdvisory to the Dean of Medicine for the School of Population and Public Health; Role: Chair

2008-UniversitySenate Committee on Student Appeals on Academic Discipline; Role: Member

2008-UniversitySenate; Role: Member


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