Dr Soodabeh Joolaee is a Research Associate in Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics in UBC. She has been working as an Associate Professor in Tehran and Iran Universities of Medical Sciences, in Iran for more than 23 years. Dr. Joolaee has a PhD in Nursing and a fellowship in Bio-Medical Ethics. She has been at the UBC School of Nursing as a Visiting Scholar from January to April 2014 working with Dr. Paddy Rodney.  

She has a variety of education and research experiences in different fields of nursing, in addition to her past 10 years in the field of nursing ethics.

As a faculty member Dr. Joolaee has been teaching in different levels of nursing mainly in postgraduate level. She also is supervising nursing MS (quantitative) and PhD students’ theses (mainly qualitative). She has also been the principle investigators in several qualitative and quantitative research projects. Her research interest is challenging with the ethical issues arising in day to day health care education and practice context as well as working with diverse communities confronting health care problems.

She is one of the international editors of ‘Nursing Ethics” Journal and has more than 40 publications in national and international scientific journals.

Dr. Joolaeee was honoured to win the 2011 “Human Rights and Nursing Awardhttp://nej.sagepub.com/content/19/5/605.citationfrom University of Surrey in 13thICNE’s International Nursing Ethics Conference. 4-6 Oct 2012, Izmir, Turkey.